Good News India is the world’s largest network of 24/7 care centers for orphaned and destitute children that will see them through University or Vo-Tech training. We currently own and operate 30 “Dream Centers” and have rescued nearly 3000 children and 500 lepers from grinding poverty and slavery.

Rescue a child from bonded slavery!

We Rescue Children from Bonded Slavery – A report from a leading NGO stated: India has more bonded slaves today then the entire African slave-trade combined. Good News India currently has 30 Dream Centers (Orphanages) that has rescued nearly 3,000 children from a life of grinding poverty and slavery.

Rescue a family from the bondage of leprosy!

We are a “Haven For Lepers.” – Did you know? Someone in rural India who develops leprosy is immediately cast out of their own home and village and told never to return again. Most of them end up in the jungle to starve and die alone.

Rescue a girl from sexual slavery!

Did you know? …over 16 million children from the ages of 9-15 are in Sexual Slavery in India today. With your help we can reach them far before they are sold to the brothels. GNI has two new homes in this northern region... the time we need your support is now.