Good News India is the world’s largest network of 24/7 care centers for orphaned and destitute children that will see them through University or Vo-Tech training. We currently own and operate 31 “Dream Centers” and have rescued more than 3000 children and 500+ lepers from a life of utter hopelessness and quiet desperation.

Rescue a child from indentured servitude!

We Rescue Children from Indentured Servitude – Good News India currently has 31 Dream Centers (Orphanages) that has rescued nearly 3,000 children.

Rescue a family from the bondage of leprosy!

We are a safe haven for people inflicted with the scourge of leprosy which carries tremendous social and religious prejudices in India. A person who contracts leprosy is banished away from the village losing everything he or she has ever known and is forced to live at the edge of a nearby forest or find a leper colony. They beg, under enormous loathing, for a living.

Rescue a girl in danger from trafficking!

Did you know? …over 16 million children from the ages of 9-15 are in Sexual Trafficking in India today. GNI has rescued 400+ girls from being trafficked. WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN REACH THEM BEFORE THEY ARE SOLD TO THE BROTHELS.