California Students’ India Trip

Camri wrote:

Camri3aWhat an amazing experience. I honestly do not have the right words to describe the impact this trip had on me. It was easily the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but definitely so worth it. The kids at each Dream Center had so much joy despite their insane pasts full of pain and suffering. They showed God’s love through everything they did. They’re worship was like nothing I have ever seen, and I don’t think I will see ever again. They appreciated every little thing, every bite of food, Camri2every photo we took, every smile we gave. We went to India with the intent to serve them, but in reality, they were the ones that served us. We were treated like family everywhere we went, and were accepted with the kindest hospitality. I’m going to miss them so much. Thank you to everyone who donated money, or simply sent their love and prayers. It was so appreciated. Thank you to the leaders of the trip that laughed, sweated, puked and cried right along side us. You were all amazing. Thank you to the team for being the best, most supportive, loving, hilarious and hard-working team I could ever have asked for.   Thank you to Dr. Rahman for creating these safe havens for children in need, for loving them with everything you have, and for coordinating our entire trip. And thank you to God for blessing us with everything we have, and for blessing these kids with your love and mercy. This is a trip I will never forget. If God has touched your heart in any way through these pictures, please feel free to visit this site to learn more about Dr. Rahman and his ministry, or to sponsor a child. God bless! ~Camri

Hawley wrote:

Hawley3After loading all my India photos, and am a little more coherent finally (I slept 14 hours), I am in a place of total reflection. India was a life changing experience for me. It was the hardest (most mentally and physically) thing I have ever done but it is something I look back on and know that I grew so much from. I walked away from this trip in awe of the people from the Dream Centers. I am in awe of God and his work. To know the little miracles running around that place is the most humbling thing to me. These kids, who were once hopeless and helpless, are now GLOWING from the Holy Spirit, and making huge things out of their lives. Some were raped, some beaten, some sold into slavery, some whose parents tried to sell them into slavery 12 times, some who were left abandoned by their dead parents, some who lived in a house for a week with their dead Hawley1mom and abandoned father, some who watched their father murder their mother before their very eyes, some who were chained up to a bed all day long because their caretakers had to go to work and didn’t know what to do with them, and the stories go on and on and on….but the joy and light on their faces is unlike anything else. The worship is unlike anything else. Their smiles are unlike anything else. Dr. Rahman is one of my heroes and is one of the most unique men i have met. His love for these “Acres of Diamonds” and his stamina to go on no sleep while also jet lagged is nothing like I have ever seen. He is saving lives through Jesus Christ and his work is unreal. I know there were points where I felt like I had reached my limit but I am, again, so thankful to be a part of this trip with this team this year. It was such an honor and I am excited to see how God is going to use this in my life. If you guys are looking for a ministry to support, please please please email me because I would love to talk with you. I have so much to say. This would be quite possibly one of the best ministries to invest in. Email me. ‪#‎India2016 ‪#‎TajMahalisLEGIT ‪#‎DreamCentersarefullofangels





California Students’ India Trip

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