Christmas for Kids Donations

Christmas for Kids Donations

Funds given by Sponsors and Donors below will go to our overall GNI Christmas Fund which provides a happy Christmas for every GNI child (2270 presently), including our Ashroi Kendra adults affected by Leprosy. (42)

THANK YOU for making such a difference at this season of giving!

Sponsors, we recommend sending a personal gift for your child at birthday time or Easter, etc., rather than at Christmas.  Any monies received in the Christmas Fund provides a new set of clothes and shoes, a small gift and a Christmas feast for EVERY child including the many who have no sponsor. 

We are thankful for your understanding that your help of $10 per child that you sponsor goes into the Christmas Fund to help defray the expenses of that very large need.  You may, of course, send personal Christmas cards and stickers, bookmarks, etc. that can easily be mailed to them.  Remember that it takes extra time for transit to India! 

Larger packages will be sent with Dr. Rahman when he goes to India just after Thanksgiving and at the beginning of January.

We are so grateful to you and thank God for you daily!

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Christmas for Kids Donations

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