Cyclone Phailin Fund

Thank you for giving to help us cover the higher cost of living in the area affected by Cyclone Phailin in the coming months.

Every dollar will go toward this fund, which will include cleanup and assisting parents or guardians of many of our children who lost their tiny mud/thatch shelter.

God bless you!

Dr. Faiz Rahman



Check back tomorrow for a Donate link that will provide you with tax charity credit. If that is not needed, you may use the link above to our U.S. account.

OR send your check to:

Assists Projects – Good News India
PO Box  71027570 Mulock Drive
New Market ON L3X 1Y8


New Zealand:

Please donate through our New Zealand address:

Dream Centre Auckland ~ GNI
PO BOX 27256 – Mt Roskill
Auckland 1440



Cyclone Phailin Fund

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