More about our High-Risk Girls

HiRisk2webAt the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges (part of Mt Everest), we have two Dream Centers where we prevent young girls at risk from experiencing the ravages of child trafficking.

Tragically, some 80% of the girls that “work” in the brothels of India are forcibly brought down from the Northern hills of India, some as young as five or six years old. We have a network of people and pastors who identify a girl at high risk and we INTERVENE BEFORE they are ever taken away. Our hope is to build Dream Centers for 500+ girls and rescue them from the horrors of sexual trafficking. These girls have dreams – becoming nurses, doctors, teachers, etc. We teach them that they can accomplish their dreams and, perhaps most importantly, that they are LOVED. In South Bengal and Odisha, we also have several hundred girls in our program who are facing the same danger as these Nepali girls: being trafficked into a brothel. And GNI is determined to rescue more from the horror of sexual trafficking. NOTE: Because of the location of this northern area where it is difficult to get supplies, the sponsorship amount for our high-risk home in the mountain area is $50 per month, rather than $35 per month for the High Risk girls in South Bengal/Odisha.

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More about our High-Risk Girls

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