My Mission Trip…

From Dr. Stephen Benjamin, Peoria IL ~ Oct 7, 2015

DrSBenjaminWebOur journey with Good News India started a a few years back through sponsorship and support, but I knew I wanted to see the work for myself. Having firsthand witnessed desperate situations with poverty stricken children and being exposed via journalistic outlets to stories of tragic circumstances befalling the poorest of the poor had me wondering, “Where is God in all this?” Now I have witnessed the good that God is doing through GNI, and it has restored my faith that God is good…all the time; All the time..God is good (as the children jubilantly profess in the Dream Centers). The smiles on these children and their sheer joy in being with you and hugging you, does wonders for the soul. We often heard the children’s thankfulness that their dreams have been realized through Good News India e.g. having food to eat, water to drink, a place to sleep, and obtaining an education. Meeting young adults that GNI has loved, housed, cared for, and educated through college or vocational school re-empahisizes Dr. Rahman’s analogy that these children are like birds who must have two wings to fly: one wing is the Gospel in order to have a everlasting relationship with our savior Jesus Christ, and the other wing is an education to lift them from abject poverty while here on Earth. These precious children are his acres of diamonds, and they are truly loved. Our journey with Good News India has only just begun.


1 EmilySunderlandThere is nothing that makes you realize how powerful God is until you see Him up close and personal in the eyes of a tiny child. This trip gives you this extremely rare chance to do so. Watching the children worship is the most stunning experience. It’s almost as impressive as watching them have fun dancing, especially when they pull you onto the dance floor with them! I’m so glad I went on this mission trip. I laughed and cried both at the sweet children and their heartbreaking backstories. I would definitely suggest going on a GNI trip to anyone who is considering it. –Emily Sunderland



2 Jaret india


My experience: Going into the trip I did not know what to expect and I was prepared to go with the flow. This trip was a true service/missions trip and was a new experience for me. The joy that the children have at the Dream Centers is like no other. They are all willing to do whatever for God because that is all that they have. That made my experience even better to be able to spend time with those children. Traveling to parts of the world like east India really has an impact on your life when you go back to the states for the rest of your life. –Jaret Falkowski






3 Eliz-n-Mom Wilson1Our service trip to India was amazing. We went there to serve these kids, but they ended up serving us. The joy and love of Jesus all of the children have is truly incredible to witness and experience. This is a trip of a lifetime and a unique and inspiring experience. These children will change your life and I highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in ministry in India.

–Elizabeth Wilson

From Elizabeth’s mom!

Sending my 16 year old precious daughter on a trip to Calcutta was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life. I lost sleep for many nights before and during her trip. I was almost incapacitated with worry. I prayed like never before. And of course she came home safe and sound, and enriched beyond my wildest expectations. She was not only under superb care the entire time but she gained such an incredible perspective and appreciation for life. She wants to go again next year, as does her sister. And I have absolutely no qualms. This experience not only transformed my daughter, but it transformed our family. We felt God’s protection and love the entire trip, and are still feeling the effects weeks later. And we’ve seen a metamorphosis in our child that seems like a lifetime of growth from one incredible trip. –Cindy Wilson


4 Kelsey Hagen1This service trip is like none other. You go to spend time with all the children at the different Dream Centers with the hope of touching their lives, but in reality you are the one whose heart is touched. The children are so joyful, something not often seen in the U.S. We have become so materialistic that there is no room left for God. One quote I remember hearing Dr. Rahman say multiple times “you don’t know God is all you need, until God is all you have.” This quote is so very true nowadays because we become so consumed with the little things wrong in our lives when other people have it so much worse, so bad that God is the only one they have. Overall this trip was a life changing trip I know I will never forget. –Kelsey Hagen



5 BrookeAllenI was expecting the typical service trip where we would go to a place, play with the kids, minister to them and basically just complete and “do” a lot of things. However, from the second we arrived at the first Dream Center I realized that this was going to be a trip like no other. We were greeted by hundreds of kids running at us, just trying to hug us, to love on us. It felt like they were serving us more than we were serving them! They taught us what true, pure love really looked like. Each child shared their heart-breaking story but it was so encouraging because they so clearly reflected the extent of God’s incredible grace. These kids who come from completely broken homes can accept us and love on us, showing us the power God has to make things whole. GNI is an incredible organization and I’ve never been blown away by the entire set up of the Dream Centers. Each center is full of kids who are absolutely in love with God! –Brooke Allen

My Mission Trip…

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