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Good News India: News From the Field

Updates from Dr. Rahman

15 January 2017 ~~~~
Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord above.. so grateful for this new gift –a 22-passenger bus– a tool to be used for His glory in and through Good News India.
24 December 2016 ~~~~
Happy Christmas from all of us at Good News India to our worldwide family.
15 December 2016 ~~~~
Our first major documentary film ACRES OF DIAMONDS is going to be released at Film Festivals across the USA and Canada in 2017… Asking for prayer cover that the Hand of God would rest upon this endeavor. Relentlessly heading towards our goal of 100 Dream Centers and over 10,000 rescued kids.In the words of Jim Elliott: “O God, I pray, light a fire to the idle sticks in my life that I may burn for Thee; Consume my life, O God, for it is thine; I seek not for a long life but for a full life, like you, Lord Jesus.”

Truly exciting… !!

1 December 2016 ~~~~
Another win for GNI… these two lepers came broken and shattered into our world of dreams…found love acceptance and inner healing…met each other and fell in love at our City of Refuge home for lepers and very soon I will marry them!! They are giddy with happiness. .. To see broken instruments vibrate with music once again.…there’s no feeling like it!!! BTW.. This is couple no 6 who have found love at our City of Refuge… crazy, eh? This is the air I breathe…
26 November 2016 ~~~~
Spending Thanksgiving in NEW YORK with my daughter, son-in-law and 3 darling grandchildren!
 17 October 2016 ~~~~
DUST TO DIAMONDS…. Youth Camp… (name now changed to Youth Festival)…1400+ kids jammed into Baligeria Dream Center… tents, wires, pipes everywhere… sleeping like can-sardines…. but it was one perfect Convention…. weather turned superb when we got there.. food was excellent… facilities and sound system worked flawlessly…. services were memorable… Pastors Rakesh and Mel ministered to our kids… explosive and emotional worship times….Preaching, Singing, Drawing and Bible Quiz competitions…. Annual GNI Olympics… Water baptism and Holy Communion… Candle lighting service…. wow… what memories… Kids performances were unreal…. It was a camp that will go down as perfect in every way….
 21 September 2016 ~~~~
Tranquil and halcyon Baligeria Dream Center is now a beehive of activity as they prepare to host 1400+ boisterous campers for our Annual Youth Camp. We are getting ready to spend 5 days of intense worship, music, choir, competitions, preaching, prayer times, food and the fabulous relationships of the larger GNI family. Once a year, all our kids grade 8 on up get to meet each other… the energy is intense….palpable.Followed by our GNI Olympics… track and field events ending up with the biggest bonfire in that whole region… Dancing, fireworks… and a late night trek to the railway station for the journey home.

The logistics of putting all this together is extremely complex… travel, food, water, housing, etc… but our first class GNI staff and directors always come through.

We are delighted to host 11 guests from Summit Church in Pennsylvania… they have no clue as to what awaits them… how 1400+ people can cram into an area built for 200 and have the amount of fun that we have! This is the air I breathe..

2 August 2016 ~~~~
Good News India needs short-term (3 – 6 months) Clerical help at our India Head Office. Room/board provided. Must have good writing ability, attention to details and strong office skills. A dream assignment to visit Exotic India, see our amazing GNI kids and do something substantial for His Kingdom. contact me at
21 July 2016 ~~~~
Joy Memorial Building, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India … dedicated to the Lord this day.
29 June 2016 ~~~~
HONORING OUR DIRECTORS:  Our GNI Directors are amazing!!! They encourage, instruct, lead, guide, comfort and love our kids as if they were their own. We honor and celebrate them for who they are and all the hard work they so willingly do!
27 May 2016 ~~~~
Joy Memorial Building.. nearing completion. Dedication is set for July 21, 2016. 12000 sq feet of Offices, residences and a new Sanctuary. Just bought more land behind this building, for a Gifted & Talented Center for our creme de la creme… our toppers… the really rare diamonds among my acres of diamonds!!
16 May 2016 ~~~~
At LAX awaiting flight to Hong Kong and then to Kolkata… back to my world with those beloved kids. Family Camp for GNI Staff is coming up next week at Gopalpur Beach. Everyone eagerly anticipates being with our larger GNI family for a few days of R&R. Then I head off on a 3 week Sabbatical of study and travel in tracing the footsteps of St Paul all through Turkey, Greece and Italy. Then back to India to visit all our dream centers…
 11 May 2016 ~~~~
One of the many wonders of our kids is that they have learned the art of gratitude. They are thankful for everything…every gift, every provision, the freedom to be a child, the privilege to receive an education and to live in a place of safety and security because of Jesus’ loving rescue in their lives. Oh, what a joy they are!
27 April 2016 ~~~~

To build a meaningful relationship with your sponsored child you can:

~ Write them notes or letters
~ Ask them questions to help them know what to write you
~ Write your letters clearly; they cannot read cursive
~ Send pictures of yourself, your family and pets
~ Send greeting cards and/or postcards
~ Include small, lightweight gifts in the letter envelope

This effort on your behalf has a tremendous impact in their lives. They LOVE hearing from you!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of one our kids, here’s more info on how to do that:

07 April 2016 ~~~~
Mayurbhunj Dream Center… 44 girls from Grade 2 – 7. Average of 6 subjects per child. Language, Math, Science, English, Social Science. They just finished their Final Exams. ALL 44 GIRLS GOT ALL A GRADES IN ALL SUBJECTS. They blew away the other village kids. All toppers. My jaw is still on the ground. The background stories of these kids are all tear jerkers… but they have forgotten all of that in the light of the dreams ahead of them… dreams only the Cross could afford. These are my acres of diamonds… We must press on…
04 April 2016 ~~~~
The Good News India Acres of Diamonds film is coming soon. I am overjoyed to have a film festival quality documentary that will tell the story of our precious kids in India. We need your help to complete the last of the few dollars necessary to finish the project. And this week we can make your dollars double! We’ve had a donor step forward who will match up to $6500 in any donations made this week. Doing the math, we need 120 people to give $25 this week to take advantage of the gift. Can you help us? Watch a promo for the film at this link:
18 March 2016 ~~~~
At SFO, with 22 people heading off on a GNI adventure tour… 19 students/faculty from The Kings Academy in Sunnyvale… O what fun awaits us… Dubai and onto Delhi…
25 February 2016 ~~~~
99 memorable days in India… jut returned to Phx… good to be back for a couple of weeks before heading back….. GNI is a barreling truck with 30 “cylinders firing”…. nearly 3000 kids on board….it’s also a complicated truck… no boredom here… I love it.
12 January 2016 ~~~~
21 GNI Bhubaneswar Head Office staff at an appreciation dinner hosted by Shawn Small and Wonder Voyage. Thank you. Sumptuous Chinese Dinner.
25 December 2015 ~~~~
What a joyous time we had celebrating the birth of our Savior at our Dream Centers…Christmas service with our kids dressed in their new clothes…dancing…singing…gorgeous decorations…fireworks…and lots of laughter! It was a day to remember!
17 December 2015 ~~~~
Many days in the deep hinterlands of Odisha… finally back at Bhubaneswar before hosting lots of USA guests coming through… This is a video from Youth Camp done by our top dancing team from Dhenkanal. Enjoy… Here is the link on youtube…
16 November 2015 ~~~~
At LAX … About to depart for India… Beautiful new Boeing 777 with China Eastern.. Off to Delhi.. Heavy winter schedule
14 November 2015 ~~~~
Having a wonderful visit with my grandchildren in NYC!
17 October 2015 ~~~~
Oct 17 – O happy day.. two of our adult lepers found love, acceptance and freedom at our Dream Center… and guess what? They also found each other, and fell in love… my joy to marry them. And celebrate with them. This people group, (lepers in India) that, in my opinion, is truly at the bottom of the world, are now joyful, loving and living a happy life in the sunset years of their sorrow-filled life. The past is forgotten and the future is bright. Strings that were broken are now making beautiful music. And Heaven is going to be even better because they all will get new glorified bodies. Only Calvary’s love can pull this together. Jesus…
7 October 2015 ~~~~
I am tickled pink… heading back in a few days to unite another couple who live with leprosy… (“my old geezer and geezee”) – two single, broken, rejected outcast lepers who found their way to our City of Refuge. And then when the healing grace of Calvary covered them, they fell in love! And I’m going to perform their wedding. Four nearby Dream Center dancers are coming in and we will kill the “fatted goat” and have us a merry time. These two dear human beings have moved from despair to delight. They are just so happy.
17 September 2015 ~~~~
Sitting at Delhi airport awaiting my long flight to Phx. Pondering on the goodness of Jesus to allow me to belong to so many darling kids. Just finished a tour with a small group from Illinois. We set a record… 5 dream centers in one day (800 kids) and then drove 2 hours to catch an overnight train to our next dream center. That was a 16 hour day…. GNI kids are by far the best kids in this whole area.. in many ways. They all looked so sharp, happy and motivated. My guests were blown away. They kept saying, “Just when we thought, it just could not get any better, the next dream center hit it out of the park..”
I can’t wait to return to India and to the continued rescue of these diamonds. Oct is Youth Camp – 1400 kids in a dream center designed for 200… followed by our 2nd GNI Olympics. Wow.. what a hoot!!
7 September 2015 ~~~~
Traveling deep inside Western Odisha,, on roads that are not roads…visiting our dream centers and encouraging our beloved directors to fight the good fight… facing hostility and pressures from the powers that be that hate the things of Christ and want to shut us down…. received an official notice to close one dream center down… we immediately filed a court case, got a stay order, and then promptly took in 4 new children. Hallelujah.. that is good news India… we will fight for our kids. We are filing another court case against another official notice to send some of our kids back to their homes just because they are outside our County… what nonsense…. I am grateful for our young and passionate staff. They are swimming upstream… boldly.

We press on… Eastern India has hundreds of diamonds.. but one has to dig deep and hard to find them… that is why I stay in the pits… thank you for holding the rope.
25 August 2015 ~~~~
Spent the day yesterday laughing my head off with our adult lepers as we joked and talked. They want their own church building. They want to marry each other. They want separate married quarters.. ( I teasingly asked: why? They blushed..!!)They are so full of life, love and laughter. They tease each other. They have morning and evening devotions faithfully. They are just so in love with Jesus for what the Cross has meant to their spiritual life. I married 3 of the older couples last year…. and now… wait for it… another couple is deeply in love and are pushing me hard to get them married asap. (middle picture) I just love it. From a life of silent desperation as total outcasts, to one of abundant (zoe) life.. Isn’t that what Jesus said we would have? I stand in awe of Him who loved us and died for us….
6 August 2015 ~~~~~
7 intense weeks in India… at Kolkata airport awaiting flight to Phoenix… About to purchase 3 new properties, 2 massive buildings almost ready for dedication; 3 new constructions about to begin; 5 major graduations with almost 300 graduates; many new kids taken in from lives of quiet desperation; battling opposition from authorities hostile to the Gospel; Several High Court Cases pending as we fight to keep our kids; guiding almost 500 kids through College; too many renovations to even keep count; dealing with the usual relational and administrative problems; … life is a hoot! Blessed is the man who is too busy to worry by day and too tired to worry by night!
10 June 2015 ~~~~~
At Tel Aviv airport awaiting flight to Phoenix. 20 incredible days of indepth study of the life and times of Jesus. Thoroughly rejuvenated. My faith is soaring and determined to love Him and love my fellow human being. Heading back to my kids in India on Monday. 5 big graduation ceremonies ..
20 May 2015 ~~~~~
Adult lepers in India – a people group that is truly at the bottom of society. They now live with us and the grace of Calvary is restoring to them what time and circumstances have stolen from them. Against the backdrop of the Tommy Barnett Building, the lost, the last and the least are praying, studying His Word and finding love, acceptance and forgiveness. I love hugging and touching them for they are just such a happy bunch. And in their eyes, I have seen more of Jesus than in most other places. My goal – to get 1000 of these dear saints in our Cities of Refuge.
15 May 2015 ~~~~~
Back at Delhi Airport, heading to Phoenix. Doing a 2 week study course in Israel in May with the Center for Holy Land Studies… lectures, digs, readings, etc… Then back to India for 5 major graduation events… We just concluded a fun and refreshing GNI Staff Camp at Puri Beach, with about 250 people.
2 April 2015 ~~~~~
My “acres of diamonds” come from extremely impoverished and broken backgrounds. At Rayagada Dream Center today, with 25 American guests, several of our GNI college kids told me that their peers tell them: You guys cannot be from an orphanage… you look like you come from wealthy homes, but you don’t act snobbish..”..I burst a button with happiness.. my kids may have been poor, but they are certainly not beggars. These are our Heavenly Fathers’ kids and I give them my best. Nothing less will do.
1 March 2015 ~~~~~
Deogarh. 10 Lepers. A 1937 decrepit abandoned Leprosy Clinic. All have been there for 30+ years. Allowed to go into nearby town to beg twice a week. Harsh life. Good News India found them and now we take care of them. Recently, the local government provided them with free electrical connection. So, we bought each of them a fan and common TV. Their tearful, joyful reaction: “We never ever imagined that we could ever have fans or watch TV like the rich people..” These truly are the lost, the last and the least.. but in the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be the first. My joy to serve them.
26 February 2015 ~~~~~
Joy Memorial Building is going up at Bhubaneswar, Odisha State. 3-Storey Building on 10′ Stilts (ground level). 12000 sq ft of usable space. 1st Floor is a new Church Auditorium; 2nd Floor is GNI Headquarter Office; 3rd Floor is Guest and Staff housing. Dedication is set for Jan 3, 2016. (Her birthday and our wedding anniversary). You are invited to join us…
13 February 2015 ~~~~~
I was recently at Deogarh Dream Center… a huge new building, on a gorgeous property surrounded by mountains and a river, is coming up there… As you can see by the first picture of our kids – walking away with so many top prizes in their County Sports/Arts/Academics – they deserve the best and I am going to give the best to them. And yet.. there are so many yet to find and rescue. In the second picture, these two little darling were abandoned by their father a year ago. Finally, their mother left them, in the rented house she had, and simply vanished. For two days, the neighbors gave them plain chapattis (tortillas) while the kids sat outside their house, fighting away the dogs who were taking the food right out of their hands. Some passing college kids reported this matter to the Child Welfare Division who rescued them and brought them to us with all the necessary papers.. these kids are ours permanently. GNI is the only shelter in that whole County. I will find them sponsors and raise them to love God and to love each other. These two are Jesus’ valentine gifts to me. Welcome to my world…
24 January 2015 ~~~~~
Balasore Dream Center… Sasmita, aged 13, walked up to read out her testimony. When she finished, there was not one dry eye among the group of USA guests who had come. Her Oriya language and composition left me stunned… This is her text literally translated: “At first I want to thank Jesus for his mercies. I am thankful to God because He has given me the opportunity to share this testimony before our guests and dear mom/dad. It is written: Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those that love him. I am Sasmita Soren. I am in class 8. My father died of TB when I was a baby. My mother, abandoned me. People say that a mother is filled with love and kindness; and many people give first preference to their mother. But some mothers are there that for their own enjoyment, they abandon their family and kids. As a result, their kids have to go through deep grief and sorrow. Other times, some children are deliberately sold or are taken into trafficking. My mother married another man and abandoned us after the death of my father. She has never been back into our home since then. She went outside pretending to go for labor work, but secretly married and never came back. My mother ran after Satan. But God has not forsaken me.. never left me. God allowed my separation from my parents, but not from Him. I was brought to this dream center by my uncle who did not want me. And now by the grace of God, and by the prayers of my beloved Daddy and Sponsors at this place, I am able to stay at this beautiful dream center. And now I am given good food, good clothes and a good education. The parents who gave me birth never gave me any love, but I am so loved over here by Daddy (Dr. Rahman) and the staff. Our own parents can forsake us, the world can forsake us, but Jesus never forsakes us. Therefore, God has prepared Daddy and Mom/Dad (Larry and Mariette Small) to take care of me and to provide for all my needs. In the future, I want to become a nurse and serve the people. So, please pray for me and for my studies and my future. With this I close my testimony.” She is the reason why I am a man on fire – a man on a mission to search and rescue diamonds like this…nothing else matters.
9 January 2015 ~~~~~
Visiting some of my acres of diamonds:   At our Ashroi Leper Home… their parents battled the disease, but they were rejected. But now they are among the best in the community. At our Cuttack Dream Center, Sukumari and her brother abandoned by their mother; violent alcoholic father who comes at them with a machette. She won 1st prize in Regional and State competitions in four different junior girls’ sporting events and is now competing for National titles – all India.  We just concluded a Staff Meeting where director after director reported that in their communities, GNI kids ran off with most prizes in Arts, Sports and Academics. Two sisters, Lakhmi and Protima, were found 8 years ago by our director at a roadside where their desperate mother was about to end life for all 3 of them.. they are now about to graduate from High School. And the best part – they all call me DADDY! I love it… In a world filled with horror and dread, these are GOOD NEWS from India. This is the air I breathe…
17 December 2014 ~~~~~
Just returned from Cuttack Dream Center.. these kids have walked away with almost all the top prizes in their region/county in Sports, academics and arts. The prizes you see are the ones they have won this year. They are placing in the Nationals for under-16 category in several major sports events including Cricket and Soccer Their talent seems to know no bounds. 5 of our boys just qualified for the under-16 Junior Indian team… this is all India.They keep surprizing me with their unbelievable accomplishements. Congratulations to these fabulous GNI diamonds. I love them….
12 December 2014 ~~~~~
Happiness is taking 17 of our College kids from Gajapati Dream Center to the “best restaurant” in their home town and discovering that they had NEVER EVER been inside a restaurant. Teaching them to use silverware, napkins and to eat at a somewhat fancy table with waiters… it was an amazing and gleeful discovery for them and a total delight to my soul. Their sheer joy and gratitude were overwhelming. The experience was priceless. My only regret.. forgot to take my camera…
2 December 2014 ~~~~~
Found just the right couple with all the right ingredients.. a new GNI dream center is opening in Bankura County in West Bengal. Another safe haven for hundreds of kids. The “Operations Bunker” at GNI is humming as we fight this war for the minds and souls of God’s kids. Drove into Kolkata today for His Business and drove back to Bhubaneswar today… 21 hour day… and yes, this soldier is pumped!!
30 November 2014 ~~~~~
Back at Bhubaneswar…. smooth as silk via NYC/Frankfurt/Delhi. Now to hit the road running with my acres of diamonds… just so much to get done over the next 2 months….construction, educational developments, government regulations, office staff, new kids, new dream centers, and the list goes on… O what a privilege…. His grace is more than sufficient…
26 November 2014 ~~~~~
Heading to the Big Apple (New York City) today to spend thanksgiving with Tess and the family there… then Saturday.. back to India… Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll. Blessings.
23 November 2014 ~~~~~
Good News India Tihidi Project – I have had these kids for the past 12 years and now this whole group is in Engineering College – a new path, a new trail for our tribal girls to go into Engineering. Wow… I am so thankful and excited. It’s gonna cost me a bundle, but the end result: priceless. And I am daddy to all of them. whoohooo! Next milestone – their marriages… now that’s another story for another day! Hallelujah. 17 November 2014 Good weekend in the Toronto area… but it is snowing…. everywhere! Dreaming of tomorrow when I fly back to Phoenix.. next week in New York with my daughter and her family… and then it’s back to India. So thankful for so many good things happening in GNI. Unbelievable grace and favor. Undeserving mercy and goodness from His bountiful Hands. PTL. 14 November 2014 10 days of intense India tour with 21 Americans from New Mexico.. Delhi, Varanasi, Kolkata, Ashroi Dream Center (dedicated a new building), Darjeeling area (new dream center opening soon), back to Delhi and now just landed in Toronto, Canada for weekend services. The battle rages on for the souls of kids. His favor is pouring out on GNI… I am truly doing far better than I deserve.
4 October 2014~~~~~
Good News India Youth Camp – 1350 kids crowding into overcrowded trains that stop for minutes at stations and the exit area of the trains are jammed… now that is interesting How do you fit 1350 people into a dream center built for 200? More interesting. How do you provide water and toilets for all these kids? Even more interesting. And how do you put together a tight schedule of events – powerful worship services, singing and preaching competitions, Bible Quiz competitions, vibrant dances of worship, Seminars on marriage and sexuality, followed by a full day of our first GNI Olympics? How do you manage logistics of cooking, serving, clean up, etc? And the logistics of transporting, via buses and trains, all these kids back home? Even more interesting.

O yes, we did it. GNI staff are incredible, flexible, hardworking and totally dedicated to serving God through the lives of these acres of diamonds. Philip Newbigging brought us great preaching and altar times. God gave us favor with clear warm weather. (It is raining buckets in Baligeria now!). Not one complaint about anything. kids crammed around tubewells, deep wells and portable water sources. Pumps and pipes all over the place. 3 generators running almost around the clock. 300 kids doing kitchen and clean up duties each day. 6 wonderful memorable days. It was unbelievable. O yes… I baptized 23 kids – a huge step for many of them. Most of our kids will have to wait till 18 due to non-Christian backgrounds. 300 took Holy Communion – most of them for the first time in their lives. What a memorable Youth Camp.
26 September 2014~~~~~
10 pm Indian standard time. 1300+ GNI kids are on trains and buses heading towards Baligeria for our first combined annual Youth Camp. It promises to be hot – in many ways. Philip Newbigging is our speaker. Preaching and singing competition; Seminars, full band and worship services, Choir, Worship dance, talent competitions and a huge bonfire on Thu night. Friday is our first GNI Olympics. It’s gonna be one high-voltage week starting Sunday. You have not seen excitement and anticipation until you see it in our gni kids.. just giddy with joy.

Youth Camp is where my life was changed. My prayer: Lord, do it again.

14 September 2014 ~~~~~
8 New Zealand guests…8000 KM… 1850 kids…. 14 dream centers from Kalimpong to Gajapati…Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, tons of chicken curry/rice… ending up with McDonalds at Agra and Domonoes Pizza in New Delhi… they have caught the “incurable fever” of GNI KIDS. They are going to build a dream center. Last 4 nights.. we all had 4 hours of sleep each night… Bid them goodbye in Delhi and am back at Bhubaneswar. Full steam ahead with Zonal Sports/GNI Olympics preparation and 1300 teens coming together for our First Combined Youth Camp at Baligeria. The energy, anticipation and participation will be explosive. Can’t wait. This is the air I breathe….
18 August 2014
Heading off to Phx airport…. short hop across the pond into the waiting arms of my 3000 kids… Back into the battle field for the souls of kids… Believing God to open Dream Centers 29 and 30 very, very soon.

On the agenda is also a major Youth Camp with 1300+ kids and our first ever GNI Olympics. So much excitement and electricity in the air at our dream centers… then we go into our Christmas extravaganza… major concerts in 4 cities across Bengal and Odisha… Stay tuned…. My acres of diamonds are going to dazzle…

10 July 2014  ~~~~~
7 weeks… 28 dream centers… 2800+ kids…. multiplied thousands of miles of road travel in Bengal and Odisha…. Odissi classical dance training camp… Choir camp…. Staff meeting for 180+ adults and college kids… hosting a group from USA… 5 major graduation ceremonies… plans for a Youth Camp/Sports Day with 1000+ teens in Oct… plans for 4 major Christmas concerts in parts of Odisha/Bengal that have never seen anything like this… transition 18 kids into private English Medium Schools because of their high academic results in their own vernacular schools…continued plans for our GNI Gifted and Talented Center at Bhubaneswar…took a whole dream center, by train, to the beach because so many in that group had never seen God’s great ocean (their delight is priceless!)….dealing with and resolving many administrative and staffing problems (my kids are my lambs, the staff are my sheep and there are some sheep I would like to roast and eat!!)…5 major construction projects ongoing… and now sitting at London Heathrow Airport awaiting flight back to Phoenix…May His Kingdom come… His will be done…. All for Calvary.
7 July 2014
Two sisters… Jyoti and Sue… father died recently… mother wrote a note to her aged and destitute father-in-law and abandoned them. Unwanted. These are the prime targets of traffickers… huge money… But we just got them. Scared and tentative. O I hugged them tight… and told them that we will never let them go… I saw hope in their eyes. When I watched them worship during chapel with raised hands… I wept… a lot. The Lord will help me take care of them. It will be costly, but love is costly… very costly. Look at Calvary.

This is what I will do till my last breath. This is why GNI exists…

25 June 2014 ~~~~~
GNI kids have had a full Summer. Indian classical dance camp…. Choir camp…. Staff Conference with almost 180 staff and college students… 5 graduation ceremonies with almost 175 graduates from High School, Jr College and College (Bengal, Balasore, Ganjam, Koraput and Jharsuguda) with all the hoopla we could muster to give these kids memories they will never forget and to inspire the younger kids to run the distance in their educational pursuits… These kids never had a chance to finish School, but now they are dreaming big… I love it.

What a joy to witness the first group of graduates EVER from among the Lodha tribe of people. A group of tribal people that are known for murdering, terrorizing, stealing and looting,.. but the Gospel has brought about community transformation into their world. That generational curse is broken. Praise God.
7 June 2014 ~~~~~
Dance Camp with 35 of our top dancers perfecting Indian classical dancing… followed by GNI Choir was 32 of our best singers plus a live band… 12 songs in English, Hebrew, Odiya and Hindi… followed by GNI Directors Conference plus our Choir.. about 160 people at Gopalpur on the Sea Beach… powerful and passionate preaching by Dr David Balasingh… what a great time…. and now I am at Boudh on the first leg of visiting all 28 dream centers, conducting 5 major graduation ceremonies with almost 200 graduates, before I head back to the USA….It is hot and humid, but O the mangoes and lychees…. worth the sweat… ha…

I echo Jim Elliott’s prayer: O God, I pray, light a fire to the idle sticks in my life that I may burn for Thee; Consume my life, O God, for it is thine; I seek not for a long life but for a full life, like you, Lord Jesus.
28 May 2014 ~~~~~
7 hours by train… 1 hour with 28 new kids… opened Balangir Dream Center… beautiful kids so happy to be there and they have just arrived..I thought they would be a bit over whelmed… 7 hours back by the same train… TT surprised!! Late dinner with GNI staff, watching cricket and wolfing down chicken curry, mangoes and lychees…. wow.. the last quarter of my life is crazy fulfilling… What a privilege to serve in His Kingdom.
1 May 2014~~~~~
May and June are going to be “eventful” months for Good News India.. A Staff Conference which will include our College kids and a 45 voice choir of “pure belters” from among our GNI teens, who have bellows for lungs and sing on pitch…. My joy to direct them! Rev. David Balasingh is our Conference speaker.. it will be a great time.5 big graduation ceremonies planned in various communities, where we have Dream Centers, with all the pomp and splendor we can muster to celebrate the achievements of these – the lost, the last and the least. These communities have never seen anything like these visual spectaculars and these events are instilling a deep motivation in our younger kids to say: “I want to do that…” They will stay in School. We have 300+ kids in College/Vo-tech, with another 180 graduates joining them this summer.

We have 5 major building constructions in progress simultaneously… We press on in our battle to rescue Satan’s POWs. To God be all the glory.
26 April 2014 ~~~~~
To my FB friends: Some people are stating that Good News India is No. 1, in the world, among ministries that run a residential (24/7) complete care for orphans/destitute children. (29 Centers with almost 2800 residential kids). Could this be true? Or are there other ministries that house more children in a 24/7 full care? I would like to know…

(The children of huge ministries like Compassion, etc come for 3 hours each day to a rented facility…they get one meal, educational help, but live at home).

 2 April 2014 ~~~~~
Heading to Phx airport.. back to India….obeying the call… linking resources with people who are hurting… to love the lost, the last and the least…. nothing like it.
 9 March 2014 ~~~~~
Another church caught the vision… Hi-way Pentecostal in Ontario, Canada. They built a Dream Center that will house 200+ kids until Jesus comes. What a fantastic dedication day on March 9. We are almost at 3000 RESIDENTIAL kids who will have the chance to finish College under our care. Thank you Hiway for funding a “Polishing Center” for our acres of diamonds. Blessings!
3 March 2014 ~~~~~
New Building dedication, starting construction for the Joy Memorial Building, starting construction of another full Dream Center, opening another new Dream Center and finalizing plans to open two more by summer… and my acres of diamonds… tons of them…just took in almost 200 new kids…. darling kids.. the beat goes on…  Dr. Faiz Rahman
9 February 2014 ~~~~~
75 days in India… 20,000 KM of travels…2700+ kids… 28 dream centers…USA and New Zealand guests…graduations, baptisms, leper weddings, major Christmas concerts…picnics…staff meetings and evaluations… building renovations and dedications…and now… incubating a vision to develop a GOOD NEWS INDIA GIFTED AND TALENTED CENTER in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha for the top 5% of our diamonds. The dream is huge and risky… but when His finger moves on our behalf… miracles happen… all the time. …”I will gladly spend and be spent for your souls…”
 28 January 2014 ~~~~~
Delighted to report that we have opened dream center number 27 in Chattisgarh… neighboring State to Odisha, but equally impoverished and exploited. 10 darling little kids and a loving, trained and dedicated couple… Dream Center number 28 will open Feb 1 in Bolangir, Western Odisha with 20 girls. At least 6 couples, under internship presently, will soon be ready for their own dream centers… We are on our way… 60 Dream Centers in Odisha, 20 in Bengal and at least 20 in Chattisgarh… When I hear testimonies of young orphan girls who had to make plates out of leaves 12 hours per day just to get one meal, I am driven. These kids are now with us, but there are so many more like her out there… How do you eat an elephant.. one bite at a time!
9 January 2014 ~~~~~
One of the greatest days of my life… baptized 12 adult lepers into the Kingdom of God and then married 3 older couples who fell in love at our City of Refuge.. Unbelievable… from broken, desperate lives of total pain and rejection into finding love and acceptance and getting married… at their old age… finding happiness in the last few years of their lives… O what a hoot.. Only Calvary makes something like this possible. I am still reveling over the whole event. There was just so much joy at the whole City of Refuge/Dream Center. Words are rather anemic to describe that day… how we celebrated till late at night. I love it…..
26-31 December 2013 ~~~~~
Four populated rural areas of Orissa – Balasore, Puri, Gopalpur and Gajapati. 4 major concerts. 1 large bus seating 50 with 8 beds. 90 teenage kids and adults inside. Hundreds of miles of travel. Thousands of people came to witness. 3 hours of dance and music. Good News proclaimed to the poor. No better way to spend Christmas holidays than the total ecstasy of this kind of fun, adventure and performances. Wow..what memories. GNI kids are pure diamonds that dazzle wherever they go. This is my quest…to dream the impossible dream…
26 November 2013 ~~~~~
Heading to Phx Sky Harbor to board British Air for London and on to Delhi.. Spending most of Dec, January and half of Feb in India… new staff, new dream centers, major renovations and dream center building constructions, graduations, Celebration of Christmas concerts in 4 cities with kids from 7 dream centers in dazzling performance, for 3 hours, at each place, 3 older leper couples getting married (what a hoot!) … and in between all the fun and frolic that you can imagine in spending holidays with kids who celebrate exuberantly sans materialism. It just does not get better than this. I wish Tess/Tim and their families were along… but O well… can’t have butter on both sides of the bread (something like that…!!) I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving season… I will be enjoying what the pilgrims really gave thanks for – goat curry!!
14 October 2013 ~~~~~
The major cyclone, which was bigger and stronger than Katrina, did relatively little damage to Coastal Orissa… unbelievable! All our dream centers came through just fine… except for some damages to our Ganjam Dream Center.. (off the coast at Gopalpur) I am going there tomorrow and will assess the impact. All our kids are fine..although many believers’ homes and kids’ homes (mud & thatch) that were close to the ocean were destroyed… we will try to help once we make assessments. THANK YOU for your prayers!
12 October 2013 ~~~~~
350 kids at Youth Camp…. 11 Dream Centers…about 5000 sq feet of living space (I have 32 kids in my room!)… unbelievable worship and services with a level of enthusiasm that has to be witnessed… Our own staff are doing a marvelous job of preaching… and the kids respond like Niagara Falls during the Altar times…. what God has done here will impact East India for generations. 2nd Camp with another 390 kids is due to start Sun or Mon (depending upon what the incoming Hurricane does to Orissa…) These kids love to get together with their extended families.. and they know how to celebrate a Risen Savior… I just love, love, love pouring into their world…they also pour massive doses of joy into my life…
8 October 2013 ~~~~~
At Skyharbor Airport in Phoenix… awaiting British Air to London and then to Delhi… Expecting great things from God during our all GNI Youth Camp… 750 kids expected to come for 2 camps in Rourkela… It will be one rollicking time. Followed immediately by another grand Regional graduation in Tihidi with almost 60 graduates and all the pomp and revelry that will produce life long memories… 8 Dream Centers are participating in that one… the dance program that follows these gatherings are in incredible experience… these diamonds sparkle as they whirl around to worship music…We His people know how to celebrate…
September 2013 ~~~~~
Here is our latest Good News India video! Please share it on your page so all your friends can see it too! Thanks for helping us get the word out about what God is doing through GNI for the kids in India! Every little effort means more and more kids being rescued from a life of total hardship into a life of freedom in Christ Jesus!
August 2013~~~~~
We’ve made GNI History!  Our first graduation celebration… throwaway kids who never had a chance to finish school…but with pomp, splendor and gratitude, we celebrated their accomplishments.. local school officials commented on the very high caliber of our GNI kids in terms of academics, behavior and general attitude towards life. It was one astounding night of graduation exercises, speeches, tears and testimonies followed by our usual extravaganza of vibrant dances to worship music… packed out crowds and tons of energies as five Dream Center kids had come into Jharsuguda on this First Regional Graduation Celebration… O what a time.. memorable, totally memorable… local population had never seen anything like this. (You can tell I am bubbling..) We will do it again in Oct at two other regional centers for the rest of our graduates.
June 2013 ~~~~~
On my way to airport for my flight to Delhi and connecting via London to Phoenix… Been gone for a month… Wednesday, it’s off to Canada for the week… back to Phoenix for 5 days before heading back to India… Been traveling with 3 USA guests who simply cannot say enough good things about our “acres of diamonds”…. just the caliber of these kids is astounding… their sheer, raw explosive talent in Academics, Sports and Arts…I am driven… by the enormous pain that my kids have come out of, coupled by the unspeakable joy they manifest now that they are at our Dream Centers… It is a delirious experience just to be with them. I will o so gladly spend and be spent for their souls…
May 2013 ~~~~~
CUTTACK DREAM CENTER – Two of our boys chosen for tryouts for the National under-16 Cricket team. Went to Delhi and passed first round. Going to final round and if chosen will represent INDIA at the International under-16 tournament in Sri Lanka against New Zealand. Two other boys selected to play in the All-India National Softball Tournament in Manipur and going for 2nd round in Punjab. One girl got first place (gold medal) in the Odisha State Science Exhibition which got her a cash prize of Rs. 5000. Her project was to create electricity from a potato. The son of our Project Director got a gold medal in the International Math Olympiad for 9th graders held at Cuttack just recently. He scored a whopping 92%. That is why I call these kids my ACRES OF DIAMONDS…. These are GNI kids and I am very, very proud of them. Cuttack Dream Center took the GNI annual prize for BEST IN SPORTS category for 2013 – 2014.
March 2013 ~~~~~
This is video was made by a sponsor who visited the Good News India kids and lepers last year. Enjoy : )
December 2012~~~~~
Heading back to India this morning to spend Christmas and well into January in India. Putting on a Celebration of Christmas Pageant in Bhubaneswar, capital city of Odisha State on Dec 19…. 1st GNI Choir, 6 dancing teams, multi-media audio/video/fireworks effort to shout the good news: Immanuel, God is with us. A group of 34 is coming to visit GNI during January…All a part of winning for the Lord, the rewards of His suffering. Will post from India. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all,” Follow up: The celebration of Christmas was a huge success… about 2500 showed up…. first attempt… 3 hour program went off extremely well…. about 300 GNI staff/kids present….. 8 local newspapers gave incredibly favorable reports with pictures/articles…. kids shone like diamonds…. great excitement among kids and unbelievable camaraderie and cooperation…kids had so much fun and performed flawlessly….. O what a time..
November 2012 ~~~~~
Middle of day two of our Cataract surgery camp in Baligeria, at our Dream Center, with a team of surgeons/nurses from Barnett Dulaney Perkins Eye Center in Phx….30 surgeries done with very excited and happy patients…”I can see…” This place is remote and desolate, but the people, made in His image, are being blessed. Hundreds of people on campus as each of our 900 patients has a helper… superbly organized camp with most things working like a swiss clock…. I love my staff…. Super job. Also in November 2012 Dr. Rahman’s daughter’s baby boy Wyatt, 3 months old, went to be with Jesus. Here are his thoughts:  “Everyone experiences grief… but when one is anchored to the Cross, there is a profound difference: tears, grief, sadness, mourning, but deeply tempered with hope, assurance, love, support groups, resurrection faith, trust in a good God, confidence of seeing each other again, affinity with Jesus because He suffered and knows pain… these all bring healing. Tess/Barry are doing better… The Spirit is healing… ‘underneath are His everlasting arms…”
October 2012
MUSIC…only form of worship loaned from heaven to earth that will be taken back into Heaven…. think Martin Luther said that…. awaiting the arrival of 18 of our top dancers and 30 of our best singers from all our Dream Centers for 2 days of intense practice for our 1st Celebration of Christmas show in late Dec… all will crowd into a 4 bedroom house/office…along with 7 residential office staff, in BBSR, capital city of Odisha State… It is going to be sheer exhilaration and adrenaline….These are the top jewels of my acres of diamonds (raw talent exploding inside them, ready to burst out if nurtured)…And I’m their “Daddy”…. my joys are multiplied…(pun intended)
August 2012
O yes… the lepers… Today, Sunday, 3 young American gals and me… spent 2 hours with 10 older lepers… most of whom have been in that banished state for 30+ years.. wow.. how we laughed, talked and giggled, hugged and even danced a bit with them… I find more of His divine presence among these, the lost, the last and the least, who have no power, no agenda, no worries, no material goods, no money, nothing but God, and they are so happy. Perhaps it is true that abundance kept to oneself is the enemy of the abundant life. My 3 young guests were profoundly affected by these lepers. They learned more about life from them than from many preachers… Now that is food for thought….
2 June 2012
We are opening a brand  new Dream Center in Mayurbhanj County of Northern Orissa – # 19 in  our goal of putting at least one dream center in each of the 30 counties of this big State.  33 desperate and destitute girls are eager to come in, find food and education and live in a secure place of love and belonging.  3 more counties have been identified and directors interviewed and they await a green signal from me.  I am waiting on God to provide funding and sponsors who will stand with us in this endeavor. Four new Dream Centers are under construction… 8000 sq ft two-storied, L-shaped  buildings that will house 200 kids at a  time until Jesus comes.  These are shining lighthouses in  the darkness of Eastern India.  And they house some of the finest diamonds in the area… kids who dominate their Schools in Sports, Academics and Fine Arts.  Rescued out of sexual or bonded slavery, these kids, given a chance, have proven their worth… I love them. Two of our girls who came to us in early 2000, at our Tihidi project have just graduated with their Bachelor’s degrees.  They passed with distinction!  They have joined as teachers at our City of Refuge for lepers.  (We have our own School there since the local community shunned our kids who parents are lepers).  I am very proud of these two girls… they will never ever go back into poverty, which seemed to be their lot in life… but God had His people intervene in these precious lives.  These two beautiful girls represent my vision  for 10,000 tribal kids to be set free from pain and poverty… into a life of loving God and making a good living. I press on for the prize…
6 February 2012
Sunday morning at one of our dream centers…. 105 kids… 30 minutes of tear filled deep-spirit worship followed by 30 minutes of explosive praise music to clapping and dancing. Offering. Then every child quoted at least two memory verses followed by a 45 minute preaching session from me… I was tired, but the kids wanted more…more… more… such a simple and deep hunger for God. I wish I could just stay in India and build more dream centers… but I have to head back to the USA tomorrow for fund raising. I am just so proud of all our dream centers… they shine at every turn. 30 January 2012 Greetings from Malaysia… Great group of Pastors… and incredible amount of tasty food of every conceivable variety and dirt-cheap. We “fellowshipped” today at two different restaurants from 4 pm until 10 pm! Non-stop eating and gabbing. I need to do this more often!! Malays know how to “meet and eat”. Wow. But the connections made for GNI are cemented for years to come. One of my personal life-mantra is to always make new and meaningful relationships… And I am doing that vigorously. Amazing how very different people converge with a single purpose around the foot of the Cross.
27 January 2012
Ganjam Beach… 5000+ people… first time ever, any group put on a full 2 hour Gospel and Patriotic music concert for India’s republic day…. the place exploded… people went crazy.. never had seen such caliber of dance and worship in movement from anyone before. Our kids were ablaze in colors and movement in classical and pop dance… Wow….will post pictures/videos soon. GNI made history in Ganjam. My acres of diamonds sparkled. An additional delight… 110 kids from the Kandhmal Dream Center, kids that came out of the 2008 Persecution, also came to Ganjam.. most of them had never ever seen an ocean or held a sea-shell. The squeals of delight in discovering God’s Great Ocean were a joy to hear. Some things just cannot be measured in terms of costs!! And at the Beach …we may not be allowed to speak the Word, at some public venues, but no one can stop the power of Music and Arts… the Message of the Cross went out via Music and Dance. It was superb!
22 January 2012
‎21 Dream Centers visited, new building dedication at our Tihidi center with 5 dream center dance teams coming in to celebrate despite heavy rains, thousands of KM by train and auto, discovery and adoption of an abandoned leper colony with 10 older, desperate lepers, ground breaking for 2 new dream center buildings, expecting huge crowds at Ganjam Beach Republic day festival put on by GNI, 2400 healthy, happy, God-honoring kids…. yet miles to go before we sleep… miles to go before we sleep. Only Calvary can compel all this… His love amazes me…
16 January 2012
More good news… we broke ground today at Sundergarh… a new dream center for 200 kids who know nothing but cattle herding, one meal, dead parents, and pain/loneliness, but now have big dreams — nurses, teachers and pastors. Their joy and exuberance are incredibly contagious. And my “discarded kids” are scoring first, second and third ranks in their entire class…. I am dizzy with pride and joy for them. These are my acres of diamonds.
14 January 2012
Our mission: to seek and to save that which was lost. I met 10 older lepers in an old abandoned building outside Deogarh town. 10 POWs who had been there for 30+ years… allowed into town only on weekends to beg and get scraps and rotten food. Their condition: pathetic, hated and forgotten.. but the good news.. they are now rescued and belong to GNI. They will live out the rest of their lives in hope, love and peace. Our group came away in tears and joy. We will take over that building and their lives This is life.
10 January 2012
7 days thus far…9 American guests…whirlwind pace…1200 kids thus far… what love and excitement…tears at kids’ testimonies…thrill at their present/future prospects…His Presence in their lives…loud music and vigorous dance celebrations…long drives…little sleep…deep rural India that no one sees…crazy road adventures…delicious food…deep satisfaction… the whole thing? Priceless….. I love this ride!!
25 December 2011
From our 2400+ kids, 180+ full time staff members, 400+ lepers and their families, we wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BRIGHT NEW YEAR. The best is yet to come. In these, whom I call the lost, the last and least, I have rediscovered the incarnation – IMMANUEL – God is with us. God invaded humanity in the starkness of poverty in a Bethlehem cattle stall. Wow…what an explosive story. With the wisemen, I worship Him. 20 November 2011 For many of us, we head into a season of food, warmth, family, fun, gifts, laughter and countless other blessings… for many young girls in my world, they will be heading into a lifetime of pain, horror, ugly, brutal men, diseases, and deprivation. Nov 28, 29 I am meeting with dozens of Pastors in North Bengal to plan a long term rescue operation for these POWs of Satan. These girls need your help and I am a conduit for you to reach them. Will you? His Word says: “Deliver those who are being drawn towards death, and hold back those stumbling towards their slaughter.” Remember, whatever you want the most, give it away!!
24 October 2011
Daniela Hreniuc – was at several of our dream centers this past Jan – March. Here are her reflections:….
When I was in India for 85 days, I could not wait to come home. All I could think about was eating a cheese burger, seeing my friends and family, actually sleeping in a comfortable bed and taking a real shower. I couldn’t wait to smell some fresh air and not be covered in mosquito bites. I …was so excited to sleep in a room that didn’t have spiders in every corner, lizards running all over the walls, and a rat in the air conditioning. I just wanted to be home.
Well, now I’m home and all I can think about is being there. All I want is to be with those kids. I miss waking up at 6am to the sound of their little voices singing worship songs, and I can’t get them out of my mind.
Imagine the sweetest, most loving, serving, faithful child that you can possibly imagine. Now multiply that by ten and you have the children of Good News India. Never in my wildest dreams would I have been able to come up with a child that is as amazing as all of those kids are. I can’t even tell you how many cups of tea I had per day, just because they loved to bring it to me. Every single meal I had was brought to me by at least 3 girls. They wouldn’t let me carry my things up or down the stairs, or even think about washing my own clothes. All that they wanted to do was serve me. Before I left I was so excited to serve them, and give them everything- but just being there is enough for them. It was kind of a slap in the face to see these kids who have nothing giving me everything.
Don’t get me wrong, these kids drove me INSANE. I was constantly taking their pictures, and had at least 4 of them hanging on my arms at all times. All day I heard “Auntie! Auntie! Photo!” But now that I am home, I would give anything to have that back.
All I can say is that I will forever be saving up my money to go back to India to see those precious little faces again, and again, and again…To further add to my post on what Daniela Hreniuc wrote… These kids are my cause, my passion, my reason to live. And it is all because of Calvary. Because He came to bring abundant life, that is what I can offer them… not just shelter and education, but full, meaningful life. I sense His presence the strongest when I am with these tribal kids and the lepers… because Jesus walks among them. A GNI tour is life-changing because of these kids… nothing else.
11 June 2011 ~~~~~
Gajapati Dream Center… 100+ talented and beautiful dancers… 13 Dream Centers… vibrant music and tons of energy… preparing for a huge concert tomorrow night… I pray it does not rain.. monsoons have set in… but kids are so excited to be at this Classical Dance Camp… O what joy…
6 June 2011 ~~~~~
Back in India…heading up to Kalimpong to see Joy, our USA team and the High Risk girls….. our super-fast tour begins….the highlights… Our Dance Camp – 110 kids from 13 projects learning Indian classical dancing. When they dance to worship music, I believe the angels stop and watch with envy…we also dedicate our new building at Jharsuguda. All for the glory of God.
2 June 2011
Two young men, Matt and Johnny are bicycling from the West Coast to the East Coast starting this week to raise money for a GNI Dream Center. Please pray for strength and endurance for them. 21 year old Matt has already built one dream Center for GNI and his goal is 7 Dream Centers….hallelujah… may his tribe increase!
4 June 2011
Finishing up Family Camp at an extremely vibrant church in Southern Malaysia… What a super time with these on-fire Christians. They pull out the preacher in you!! God has his people all over the world. Heading back to India in a couple of days…. Made some life-long friendships among these beautiful Malaysian believers. They will partner with GNI… Hallelujah….
27 May 2011
Just finished a full staff retreat with all directors and their wives/kids. I have a great bunch of guys who work against tough odds and daunting conditions to bring His Kingdom on earth. The power of the Lord was present… Pressing on to some more work before heading to Singapore/Malaysia next week. Then back to India… Thank you for lifting up GNI and our mission to rescue darling kids.
21 May 2011
Four nights in India … total of 10 hours of sleep…. yet I feel energized… it’s the promise of Isa 40:31 – He renews our strength and makes us to rise up as eagles. Here, there is no conflict between faith and works…. you have to go full speed at both levels… but the thrill is indescribable. I totally feed off the love and innocence of my tribal kids… acres of diamonds.
19 May 2011
Just got to New Delhi… and delighted to be back in the fray of fighting the good fight.. rescuing children, expanding their dreams, bringing hope to lepers and their families, growing our staff and doing battle in the trenches… Hallelujah… what a joy to serve a Risen Savior.
20 April 2011
One of my darling girls named Swapna, meaning dreams, age 11. Died yesterday. Cause: poverty & illiteracy: she went to her remote village for a wedding feast, got food poisoning and because the doctors were too far, her relatives gave her roots/herbs which shut her liver. I cannot stop my grief. This is why I will work till I drop dead. God give me a 1000 girls to replace her. She loved Jesus and is in Heaven.
19 April 2011
This is resurrection week celebration. People ask me why I am a Christian? One word: Jesus… My heart is at peace in Him. Jesus is all the world to me. After 42 years of serving Him, I “find no fault in him.” What a Savior!
7 April 2011
Waiting at Delhi airport for a flight to the beauty and comforts of Phoenix to family and friends. Yet I am so torn between the two worlds i live in. I am reviewing dozens of applications from very desperate tribal children deep in the forests where there are NO options to beg, steal or work. No child should live in such pain. We will take them in. I believe Jesus would. He loves them far more than I ever could.
5 April 2011
Spent the day with our Tihidi kids in South Orissa… these are my heroes…. they withstood a siege for 17 days against a mob of 200, two years ago during the big Orissa persecution. These 6 – 16 year old kids prayed heaven down. And they were willing to die for the Cross rather than renounce their faith. They lift up my faith. I have known them since 1999. and I love them deeply. They are my acres of diamonds.
4 April 2011
Just got word that all our Lodha tribe kids – (a whole primitive culture of violent, and savage dacoits) have totally excelled at and now dominate their local School system. This is community transformation. Their world was destined to follow their parents until the Good News touched their lives. I spent several hours with them yesterday and their eyes sparkle with hopes and dreams.
3 April 2011
Four Dream Centers..700 kids…. all in one day. Nothing but laughter, worship, celebration dancing, and O yes… innocence…. these kids are eager sponges… and I am fighting their parents/guardians/culture/alcoholism, so that they will stay and fulfill their dreams. My 7 guests today were amazed and simply exclaimed: FANTASTIC. It’s those kids…they kill with their infectious and abundant life. I love them…
17 February 2011
Heading to Toronto, Canada for the weekend. New doors, new challenges, new frontiers. I press on to link resources with hurting people. To win for the Lord, the rewards of His suffering. The stakes are very high. In the words of the old song: “Lest I forget Gethsemane, lest I forget thy agony, lest I forget thy love for me, lead me to Calvary.”
11 February 2011
Sitting at Delhi airport… been on the road already since 4:00 AM when I left my darling kiddos at Ganjam Dream Center…. Train to major city, flight to Delhi and now the long hop on Continental to Newark then to Phx. 30 days… of sheer energy and roller coaster adventures. These interior tribal children… they must get one chance to succeed in life… They are too beautiful to leave forgotten…Jesus cares.
7 February 2011
Attending the World AG Conference in Chennai. Meeting a lot of Pastors from the past where we held Youth Conferences… they all said that nothing had come even close to the depth and scope of Youth Conventions such those put on by GNI. I will get back to doing Youth Conferences. Will look for preachers with substance rather than style, depth rather than platitudes, expositors rather than opinions, communicators rather than showmen..
5 February 2011
Had a ground breaking ceremony today for our new dream Center at Jharsuguda, Am sitting at a railway platform and it is 2:00 AM. delayed train! Pressing on with the King’s business. Going to look at some property/house on Thursday that a Christian man is donating to us in Kandhamal – area of persecution. Others opted out for fear. I will take it and raise 200 kids there to love Jesus and his abundant, joyful life.
2 February 2011
I am back in the Bengal Dream Centers… getting our new School at the Leper City of Refuge organized. I gave out $4.00 watches to all the kids who are in Grade 9 and up… for holding on to their dream to get an education and break out of their cycle of poverty. O! What delight and gratitude among my kids – Christmas in Feb!!… Heading to 5 more Dream Centers…. I am a dreamer…
28 January 2011
Bidding farewell to my USA team tonight…. 1800 kids, 1300 patients, dozens of teeth pulled, $30,000 worth of medicines/vitamins distributed to needy people; 9000 KM of travel; roads and motels that defy description; ending up at the grandeur of Jaipur, Rajasthan; the thrill and satisfaction is indescribable. I go back into the pits with a couple of young students who have chosen to stay back. This is life…
19 January 2011
Dedication of our new School for children of lepers… now they won’t be ostracized at School. We had 800+ lepers and general population show up at our Leper colony Medical Camp (many with great physical needs) and we broke any hesitation the community may have had about a GNI leper colony in that area. I love these kids from Leper homes… some of the finest kids in all of creation, but totally beaten down by Society…. until they get touched by the love of Jesus.


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