Walton Dream Centre ~ Temp2

Project Needs for New Home 

Item Cost Donate
Deep tubewell with electric pump $3000

Electricity connection costs $2000

Backup generator $1500 WaltonBttn-Give
Sleeping mats, per child $15 WaltonBttn-Give
Mosquito nets (per child) $5 WaltonBttn-Give
Moving & Dedication Day costs $2000 WaltonBttn-Give
Costs to transition into a new School with supplies, per child $15 WaltonBttn-Give
Fans and CFL lighting (x10 rooms) $50 WaltonBttn-Give
Equip Guest Room with bed, cabinet, bathroom fixtures, table/chairs $500 WaltonBttn-Give
Office furnishings and supplies for Director $400 WaltonBttn-Give
Outside security lighting $200 WaltonBttn-Give
Boundary fencing $1500 WaltonBttn-Give
Playground (swings, slides, etc.) $1000 WaltonBttn-Give
2 Large floor mats for Dining/Chapel $100 WaltonBttn-Give
Musical instruments for Chapel $300 WaltonBttn-Give
Sewing machines (each) $150 WaltonBttn-Give
Kitchen supplies $300 WaltonBttn-Give


You may always give by mail or call our office with your card details if you prefer.
Remember, all gifts are tax deductible.


Assists Projects – Good News India
P.O. Box 71027
Newmarket, ON  L3X 1Y8

Thank you and God bless you!
Dr. Faiz Rahman

Walton Dream Centre ~ Temp2

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