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This is a short-term missions trip with a big difference. You will go to places that tourists never see. You will see deep, interior tribal India hidden from most Indians, too! You will encounter a splash of colors, costumes, dances, foods, customs and landscaping. You will minister to kids, primitive tribal folks, and to people dealing with the pain of leprosy. You will be a refreshing breeze into their stifling worlds. No other mission agency provides this kind of an experience. I guarantee that!

Playing with the kids - Dream Center Tour


Nov 26 - Dec 7

*All dates are approximate.


Jan 4 - 18, 2019

*March; *July; *Sept; *Dec. 

*No firm dates set as yet. Will depend upon groups signing up as to specific dates convenient to them.

All dates are approximate.


Coming to India was the dream of a lifetime for me…Looking into the faces of those who are literally God’s children is indescribable.

Pastor Dan Jones

Hadley, NY

All aspects of the trip left me in awe and truly thankful. The trip surpassed all of my expectations.

Lynn Preudhomme

Phoenix, AZ

The smiles on these children and their sheer joy in being with you and hugging you, does wonders for the soul. 

Dr. Stephen Benjamin

Peoria, IL

Traveling to parts of the world like east India really has an impact on your life when you go back to the states for the rest of your life.

Jaret Falkowski

We went there to serve these kids, but they ended up serving us. The joy and love of Jesus all of the children have is truly incredible to witness and experience.

Elizabeth Wilson

You go to spend time with all the children at the different Dream Centers with the hope of touching their lives, but in reality you are the one whose heart is touched.

Kelsey Hagen

These kids who come from completely broken homes can accept us and love on us, showing us the power God has to make things whole.

Brooke Allen



What can I do while I am there?

A GNI tour is more a “being and experiencing” tour rather than a “doing” tour.  While the West thinks linear in terms of time, results, tasks and measurable accomplishments, the East thinks circular in terms of relationships, experiences, observations and events.   The question is not just what can I do, but what can I learn and experience?   Our kids do not speak English well and thus, communication is limited, but very doable if your heart is in it.  Ministry will mainly occur in teaching, preaching, affirming, loving and sharing your life and experiences.  You will visit several Dream Centers on your first trip.  Subsequent trips can turn into long term or short term work with the kids in terms of their spiritual, social and academic development.  We rarely host construction or maintenance tours due to the nature of our buildings and how different things are in India.

What type of accommodations are there?

Typically, the groups stay in simple, air‐conditioned, small hotels (clean & comfortable). Nothing fancy, but comparable to a Motel 6. You will need a transformer if your gadgets require 110V.  

What is the cost for food?

Food costs are generally included in the cost of the trip. Team members are encouraged to bring their own snacks and some extra spending money for airport food and two restaurant meals on the return trip. Tip: Drink only purified water; do not eat anything from vendors.

What vaccinations are needed?

Vaccinations are not necessary for India. We do recommend that you check with your city Health Department and they can instruct you accordingly. A Tetanus shot is highly recommended. These shots usually cost under $100.00

Helpful information:

How should we pack and what should we wear?

Pack as light as possible since you may be carrying your own suitcases through airports and railway stations. Wheeled suitcases are the best. See the packing list for details.

What is the cost of the trip?

Most trips will start at about $3,000.00. Cost varies depending on the airfare, location and length of trip. This cost covers A/C hotel room, all meals and travel.  A deposit of $2,000.00 is required before tickets can be purchased.  Refunds and cancellations as defined per our policy.

Can we make phone calls to the U.S.A?

Pay phones are plentiful all during our travels with a call back to the USA costing about 15 cents per minute.  Using your USA cell phone in India will cost you about $2.50 per minute.  If you plan on bringing your cell phone, check with your carrier for coverage and costs.  Dr. Rahman will always be accessible via his cell phone along with other numbers that will be provided to you with the itinerary.

How much spending money do we need?

We suggest you bring $100.00 ‐ $200.00. ATMs are plentiful in India and they give the best rates.   Just inform your bank that you will be withdrawing cash in India!

Who will take care of our airplane reservations?

Good News India makes all travel arrangements.

Other Important Information

  • Always try and remember that this is missions, so be prepared for anything, such as unexpected delays and/or stops.
  • Always wear your boots or closed toe shoes.
  • Mosquitoes love fragrances! Do not wear perfumes/colognes. Try to bring unscented shampoo, conditioner and deodorant.
  • Make sure your insect repellant contains DEET.
  • Spray clothing and luggage inside and out with Repel Permanone Insect Repellent. This is an odorless insect repellant (tick, mosquito, chiggers and biting flies) protection for clothing, tents, nets, and gear. (It is not recommended for skin application)
  • Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer such as Purell.
  • If you feel sick, notify your Team Leader immediately.
  • You MUST have your passport if traveling outside the USA. (Make a photocopy of your passport and drivers’ license, carrying copies with you at all times; you will be required to leave your actual passport at each hotel you stay in, to be picked up as you leave.)
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