What sets GNI apart from most other Child Care organizations?
First, it is our 24/7 care of a child, thereby enabling us to profoundly influence that child;
Second, a College or Vo-Tech Degree that will ensure that the child need never go back into poverty. Between 2013-2018, we have graduated almost 1500 young people out of College, Vo-Tech, and University.

For a child who seizes the moment, these two philosophies can lift him or her into a new world.

But it is expensive... it takes more than the monthly $40 we now ask as Sponsorship support.

But, where else can one earn a BA degree for $2000 in total or a B.Sc/B.Com/Nursing degree for about $5.000 in total, stretched out over a 3-year period. By sponsoring a college-age child, you will have a deep satisfaction of knowing you have enabled and empowered them to succeed, where once that child had no future at all. This is the best investment.

I believe two things will live forever... the Word of God and people. All else will burn away. We want to have a healthy College Endowment Fund in the near future and I pray that it will happen sooner than later.

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